Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Bart Yarn

I've recommitted myself to spinning and while I have a long way to go till I'm really decent at it, I've been enjoying myself and the outcome of my labors. This past weekend, I spun the above yarn. Again, I'm using wool from our old sheep, Bart. Bart is possibly not a purebred Romney. If you'll recall, Bart was bought at a garage sale, so, who knows what he is. Unlike the other 3 sheep, Bart has a lighter topcoat, and a darker undercoat. So, what you see here is a two-ply yarn, one strand of which is the silver topcoat, and one strand which is the charcoal black undercoat. I rather like the effect.

To me, the pictures don't do the yarn justice, but they are better than no pictures at all, at least! I'm hoping you will see an improvement in the quality of the images I post shortly. We just ordered a new camera and it should be capable of producing better pictures, even though, unlike my husband, I have little talent for photography. We finally settled on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18K. It has a Leica lens and can shoot raw files, which is what my husband wants, and it takes great pictures with little lag time plus has video with sound, which is what I want. I'm looking forward to playing with our new toy!

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