Friday, September 24, 2010

Butterfly Bag

Okay, only a month or so behind... This is the butterfly bag I made for my niece's birthday. Like all of the Lucinda Guy patterns I've done, I am quite pleased with the outcome. The bag is knit flat in two pieces and then crocheted together, giving it a picot edge.
I lined the inside with some scrap material:
Moving on, I turned the heal on the latest pair of socks for Drew, and then set those aside to work on Silas' Halloween costume. He wants to be a ghost hermit crab monster. Yeah.
So far, I've completed one felted claw, and I have a basic plan in place for the rest. It is totally doable to have it done before the end of October, provided I don't procrastinate too much.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Jennie's Birthday Hat

I wanted to whip up a birthday present for my sister while my parents were visiting, and this was the result. It's Couvercle, from Knitty, summer 08.
The yarn is nothing special, but it was from my stash and was looking for a project to knit itself into. It was the right gauge, was soft and will be easy-care. It was the right yarn to do the job!
Drew says I should knit one for me too :)
On another note, I hit a knitting slump hard this summer. It took having a solid deadline to complete this project, plus another small gift that I will share in another post, to get me out of it.
While I'm knitting again on a daily basis, this blog will most likely not see a whole lot of activity. I will share my finished projects, but that's about it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer!