Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back at the Wheel

I realized a while back that it had been over 2 years since I'd spun. I stopped around the time I got pregnant with Silas. At first, I felt too sick to want to spin. Then, I went into crazy knit-for-baby mode, which has basically been where I've stayed till the present. But it's something I really want to get back into, so last weekend, I brought out the wheel, oiled it up, and started up again. I love doing it and wish I had more time for it. After all, wool batting is pretty cheap for me, given that my landlady has 4 sheep. It just seems easier to break out the needles and knit a few rows while the Bear is otherwise occupied, or at night when we're watching a show or movie on the computer. I tried spinning around Silas, but he's at the age when he's just too curious but at the same time lacks reasoning skills. He sticks his hand in the moving parts essentially. Not so safe. So, this means that my only real opportunity to spin is if I'm home on the weekend and he decides to take a decent length nap. Well, I'll take it! Hopefully, I'll have some yarn to post before the end of the decade.

What else have I been doing this past week? I've got the basics of the Imagine Peace Vest pattern written out and I'm making the 2 year old size right now to test it out. Also, I'm working on a felted scarf pattern. I made one this week and hope to make enough by fall that I can sell them at a local boutique and open up my own Etsy shop. More pictures of that coming soon...

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