Monday, August 25, 2008

And for my next design fiasco...

I designed a wool wrap soaker held together with Velcro when Silas was little, but he outgrew it long ago and I never wrote down what I was doing when I made it. So, I decided to try my hand at designing another wrap-styled soaker. I wanted it to tie together, rather than be pinned or Velcroed. After several variations, I really thought I had it right. The ribbing on the legs seemed perfect--Done in a smaller needle size, it created a nice pucker around the thighs.

All seemed well.

And then I lanolized it. After it dried, everything seemed way too blocked, though I didn't intentionally block it. The ribbing was stretched out and it sagged on the baby. I also struggle with the tie part of the design as it didn't totally seem to keep the diaper and the front flap of the wrap in place correctly.

All in all, this pattern needs some major improvement before it's usable or sharable. I want to make it work, but I also don't want to spent too much more time on it. For now, I think I'll lay it aside. I've begun the Estes Vest from the fall IK, and I've got felted scarves and hopefully a couple pairs of longies in my queue to complete before fall hits. Maybe after that, I'll revisit this pattern. Maybe.

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