Thursday, July 03, 2008

Schoolmarm Vest

Love it! Love it! Love it! But man, what an ordeal to get this thing finished. I had to rip back twice and it just seemed to take forever to finish (note to self: a large garment crocheted with a size D hook will not be a quick project). I think I'm a slower crocheter than I am a knitter, even though most people report the opposite to be true.

At any rate, it's done, as of today. And the weather was happy to cooperate with me as it was cool enough to wear it comfortably all day. Leave it to the Pacific Northwest to provide us with wool-friendly mid-summer days. It's a mixed blessing here, folks.

If you're reading this entry because you are about to begin this project, please note: I used the smaller hook only for this project. The pattern calls for getting gauge with the bigger hook, but this is inaccurate. The D is the only hook necessary for this project.

These are the leather buttons I found at the Rotary Auction last weekend. They were the perfect touch!
This is a great, close-fitting vest which will be perfect for work. Thankfully, today was the first day of my vacation, so I won't have the occasion to wear it in a work setting till the end of the month. I'm hoping to knit a lot during my time off, beginning with another soaker for the boy. And I'm really hoping to join the kal for the Sleeves On and Buttons Off Ravelry group this month. I am not a knit-along kind of gal as I am given to procrastination, but I'm trying to reform my ways. So I will try my best to finish Mr. Greenjeans by the end of the month. No promises though :)


*Michelle* said...

CUTE! Nice pics, too. :) My mom is currently working on this very vest... I sent her the link so she can check yours out. Yeah... I lead the group & I haven't cast on for Mr. Greenjeans yet! Ack.

drenka said...

This is a perfect garnement. I like it and it soots well on the model!

Hege said...

It looks great on you!
And the color is beautiful.

Heather said...

Gorgeous! I'll be forever impressed by how quickly you manage to finish a project. Takes me months to finish a scarf!