Friday, July 24, 2009

Zip up the back Hoodie

This is a gift for my little nephew-to-be. It zips up the back and the hoodie makes a point at the top. The little babe should look very gnome-like in this sweater. Self-striping yarn (Universal Yarn Classic Worsted Tapestry) is very reminiscent of self-striping sock yarn. I'm not a lover of acrylic, but must admit that this was a good choice for this project, and my sister will appreciate the easy-care aspect of it. I linked this to Kathy Roletter Gayner's pattern on Ravelry, but it is based on a very old pattern and the version I did was adapted by someone else. They are very similar though, but I do believe Kathy's version used sport weight and the version I worked from called for worsted.

Thanks to Barb at my office, I was able to sew the zipper in with no major calamities. I think little Austin will be snug as a bug in this sweater and I hope he wears it often!

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happyvalleygirl said...

This pattern is at least 25 years old and was originally posted in a Women's magazine in the early 80's. It had about 4 sizes you could make it in. I lost the magazine over the years by mistake and would love to have the pattern in something other than a newborn size because these are great for toddlers. My kids, now teens, wore them until I didn't have a pattern in their size. Do you know where I could find it or how to make it bigger? And the old pattern also had the cable instructions like the one you made your nephew and an openwork pattern too. Could you hook me up with how to do that?