Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Socks of Three Firsts

So named because this is my first time doing:

1. Toe-up socks.

2. Two at a time.

3. On two circs instead of on dpts.

I used the magic cast on for these and LOVED it. Everything else went pretty smoothly. I did a gusseted heal which was perhaps the trickiest part because the short rows must be done one sock at at time. My count was a wee bit off on one of them, but it's not noticeable in the fo.

Doing two at a time is definitely the way to go for me. Still, it takes me way too long to knit a pair and just doing stockinette is brutal on my boredom radar. The next pair I do will have to have an interesting pattern to keep me engaged and motivated. Still, D loves them and has worn them every day since I finished them. He wants me to start another pair of self striping socks, no patterning just "regular." Gaah! He'll have to wait a bit.

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