Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crop Circles

If you guessed that the visitors to Si's Farmland mentioned in the last post was of the extraterrestrial variety, you get a gold star.

It took me a long time and several failed attempts to come up with a decent crop circle design. I'm still not 100 % satisfied with the outcome, but I think this is going to be the final patch dedicated to our alien visitors. I'm ready to move on to other aspects of the farm. Still, the farmland wouldn't be complete without a bit of sci-fi whimsy (or government cover-up, depending on your perspective).

Time's a waisin' too. I've gotta keep up the momentum so that I make my deadline of having the farmland finished by March 16th. My immediate goal is to reach 40 completed squares by the end of the month. Better stop writing and knit!

1 comment:

djleclair said...

Absolutely hilarious! Of course your farmland would have ET visitors, Sci-fi Missy!