Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yarn Fairies Inc.

Dear anyone who will listen,

I quit my job today.
I have never felt freer.
And what's even better, the good people at Yarn Fairies Inc. have offered to pay a generous salary (with benefits of course) to knit full time!

Wow, I can't believe my luck! The stars must all be aligned for me!

Or maybe not. OK, I didn't quit my job, I just really REALLY wanted to. But since I really REALLY can't, I thought I'd pretend a bit in order to salvage the thin line connecting me to sanity at the moment.

Maybe Yarn Fairies Inc. will one day be a real company (paying knitters real money to knit!) rather than just a figment of my imagination. Women used to make an income that way, damn it! I say, the time has come again!




*Michelle* said...

Oh, I will so be there with you in September! Leaving my baby girl for 5+ hours a day is going to kill me. :( Come on Yarn Fairies Inc!

Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Oh, Amber, Amber, Amber...