Sunday, June 15, 2008

a roll-neck giraffe sweater is born

This is the roll-neck giraffe sweater from soft + simple knits for little ones by Heidi Boyd. It's a very easy pattern and knit up fast. The gauge and schematic measurements were a bit off in the pattern, but because I tend to knit tightly, it actually worked out for the best. Fits him now, but should fit him into the winter. I am loving how it looks on him and as it's a cotton blend, it's perfect for our chilly northwest summer mornings. Wouldn't you know it, though: The long string of 50 degree overcast weather we've been having since, well, January, ended the very day I finished this sweater.

I used the yarn called for in the pattern, which is Berroco Love It, a cotton, acrylic, poly blend. It makes a comfy sweater, to be sure, but I'm a little out of love with working with synthetic yarns. Sigh. It's not your fault ,Berroco Love It. You can't help what you're made from. It's me, not you. I am a hippie at heart, but you wouldn't have known that when I purchased you with my credit card and high speed internet connection. You could never have guessed that I wished you were really 100% organic cotton colored with natural plant dyes in a facility running on power produced from windmills.

Anyways, our affair was fun while it lasted, and the giraffe sweater you helped make totally rocks. I won't forget you!


Hege said...

What a cute sweater!

*Michelle* said...

Adorable! I haven't attempted intarsia, yet. I feel you on the yarn-- I stupidly bought some squishy & soft but mostly acrylic at a big box the other day (it's hard to just walk by all that yarn, y/k?!), and after swatching it a bit, it's going right back! Just feels wrong. That sweater would be adorable in O-Wool Balance!

Anonymous said...

this is addorable how can i get the giraffe pattern.