Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catching up -- Someone Else's Sweater

Here's what I wrote in Ravelry about this project:

I didn’t knit this sweater. I don’t know who did, but as a tribute to that anonymous crafter, I’m including this project with my finished objects.
Here’s the story:
We have a great Rotary auction here that is like a huge rummage sale. The yarn is cheap and plentiful, so naturally, I am always drooling when Rotary time comes around. In 06 I attended the auction and I’d just discovered I was pregnant. I got a bunch of yarn including this bag of white yarn with a bit of silver sparkle to it. When I got the bag home, I took the yarn out and discovered amidst the yarn a baby cardigan, completely knitted, but still needing to be seamed. I kept wondering what the story was behind that sweater. Why had the knitter stopped when she was so close to having a finished project? Did something happen to her? Or to the baby? Did something less traumatic come up that simply made her abandon or forget this project? Did she just hate finishing work? We’ll never know the answer, but I felt compelled to finish what the woman had started. The yarn is acrylic and not the best, truth be told, but the workmanship is very fine and the finished sweater is beautiful.

My son wore it on Easter and looked very cute, but the silver sparkle does make it a bit feminine, so we will probably give this away to a friend’s baby girl. It is lovely and deserves to be worn a lot!

Whoever made this sweater, Thank-you.

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*Michelle* said...

What a cool story-- thanks for sharing it.