Monday, December 12, 2005

Art Walk Follow-up

I meant to blog right after Friday's show, but my house has no central heat and my computer is stored in a room barely affected by our propane burner. So, the will to stay warm won out over the will to blog till today.

I'm happy to say that the art walk was a success. It was a cold night, which may have kept some people away, but we still had a fair amount of people pass through the store. It was great fun to chat with people about the process of felting. Special thanks to Katherine and the Waterfront Bakery and Cafe for hosting the event and for everything you always do to make me feel welcome. And the biggest thanks to my husband, Drew, who, on his birthday no less, came early to set up, took all the pictures, and stayed nearby to keep me company.

Here's my sales pitch: I still have several hats left, in case anyone is looking for a hand-made one-of-a kind gift.

Also, I'm hoping to do this again, but I don't know when or where. Possibly, it won't be for quite a while. I've set a goal for myself regarding the master knitter course I've entered: Finish all assignments for level one before January 1st 2006. This is my pre-New Year's resolution. I'm taking much of the winter break off of work in order to meet this goal. So, I won't be making items to sell for a while. I must say, it is a bit of a relief, and I am still adjusting to not having to be in a knitting frenzy.

One more ironic tid-bit: I just spell-checked this entry and found that the spell-checker doesn't know the word "blog."