Friday, September 24, 2010

Butterfly Bag

Okay, only a month or so behind... This is the butterfly bag I made for my niece's birthday. Like all of the Lucinda Guy patterns I've done, I am quite pleased with the outcome. The bag is knit flat in two pieces and then crocheted together, giving it a picot edge.
I lined the inside with some scrap material:
Moving on, I turned the heal on the latest pair of socks for Drew, and then set those aside to work on Silas' Halloween costume. He wants to be a ghost hermit crab monster. Yeah.
So far, I've completed one felted claw, and I have a basic plan in place for the rest. It is totally doable to have it done before the end of October, provided I don't procrastinate too much.

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KnitNurd said...

Good to see you back. What an adorable bag!!!