Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big Digger, or Halloween, here we come!

Like many toddlers, Silas thinks that big construction vehicles like diggers and bulldozers are the coolest things ever. He is pretty excited for the costume I've got planned for Halloween 09. This sweater, from the fabulous Lucinda Guy's Handknits for Kids, is perfect for what Silas and I are envisioning! Silas can't wait for this sweater to be completed. He keeps opening the book and asking for the bulldozer page. He’ll then spend a good deal of time staring at the picture. He has asked me several times if he could help me make it because he wanted it to be done right away, and one day he even grabbed the needles while I was working on it and said "I want to help."

I started making this at the end of August. I wanted to give myself a big cushion of time in order to avoid scrambling to finish in time. Not necessary. It's knitting up so quickly, and now that I'm past the digger motif, it will be easy breezy from here on out. Not looking forward to the seaming, but I'll live.


Hege said...

It's looking great so far. And Endre is like your Silas, he want his handknit to be finished right away ;)
I love Lucida's books too!

*Michelle* said...

You are braver than I! I have that book, but the thought of intarsia AND seaming gives me the willies! Looks great & he's just going to love it!

Meghan L. said...

Amber, get Silas the book called "I'm Dirty!" - Sean asks to read it about a dozen times a day. Sean LOVES trucks - especially ones with "scoopie buckets"! He would totally love Silas' costume.

Poker Assistant said...

There is no sense.