Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just Some Socks (not too intersting, but finished!)

I'm not a huge sock enthusiast, but I got Ann Budd's "Getting Started With Socks" in January and decided I'd check out what the sock-making madness was all about. I've only made one other pair of socks and that was 3 or 4 years ago, so doing this pair was basically like starting from scratch, knowledge-wise. This project also filled an obligation to knit something for my husband, who's been neglected in the hand knits in favor of making a gazillion hats and sweaters for our son. Socks are actually something I can make for him which he'll wear (unlike the scarves and hats I've knit for him).

I'll admit, turning the heal is really fun. I love making something that forms so well around such an oddly shaped body part. And the self-striping yarn always impresses people who don't know what self-striping yarn is. I made these on dps and I LOVE my dps. Still. Since I hear the magic loop method makes sock knitting faster, I've gotta try it out. I also heard on the Knit Picks podcast a while back about a double knitting method in which 2 socks are knit simultaneously, one inside the other. I've GOT to try that. But I'll probably take a wee break before I knit another pair. I've got a soaker on the needles right now and it's so fast and gratifying. I'll be done with several pairs before I know it.
I'm not complaining too much about the fact that it took me 4 months to finish these very basic socks. Why? Because Drew's been wearing them a lot. He loves them. woo-hoo!

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