Monday, March 31, 2008

If it's good enough for Bugs Bunny...

I finally sewed on the buttons and finished the Anouk pinafore for our neighbor's new baby girl, Izadora. But I couldn't relinquish the dress without taking pictures for the blog and for Ravelry. I really feel strongly that while looking at a knitted garment laid out is nice, seeing it on a real person is much more telling. I made Anouk in a 12 month size, and seeing as though I have a 12 month old... Silas was kind enough to model:
He hated every minute it was on and tried to take it off. Imagine it's a girl baby underneath that hat.
The picture below shows the side straps, which have two openings so that this item can continue to be worn well into toddlerhood. It can eventually be more of a smock-type shirt rather than a pinafore-type dress.
Since I've done intarsia now in several projects, the flower pockets were a snap. This may be a good project for someone who wants to do intarsia, but is a bit intimidated, since the skill required is minimal, but the effect is rather nice. This project makes a lovely gift!

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