Monday, January 28, 2008


My husband said Silas looked like a little Bruiser in this sweater--hence the name. We are not implying that he is the fightin' sort. He's a, um, pacifistic bruiser.

Anyways, this is one of the sweaters I knit while waiting for the peace-loving baby to arrive on planet Earth. The pattern is from the Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits. I'll have to search in Ravelry for the exact name of the yarn as I've forgotten. It's a bulky tweed (all wool)--possibly Rowan. Lovely, lovely yarn. Pictures don't do it justice. I shot a bunch inside but was dissatisfied. The outside pictures are closer, but none of them fully convey the texture and yumminess of this yarn.

I put Silas in this sweater for the first time on Saturday and then decided he needed a hat to match, so I knit the hat Saturday night (pictures were taken Sunday when we had a bit of sunshine). The hat is of my own invention, but is just basic. I wanted to be able to tie it on since Silas likes to pull off hats and he's been stretching them out that way. The earflaps are attached on the inside and the hat brim can then roll up and down to adjust for a growing head. I can sew the flaps down farther if necessary as well. I want this hat to fit next winter as well (and I think it will) because I made another slightly larger sweater using the same yarn.

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