Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Blog is Back (and so is Mr. Monk)

After a few month's hiatus from the blog in order to deal with morning sickness, first trimester woes are behind me, and I'm ready to blog again, al beit irregularly. For a while, the pace of my crafting slowed, but I've got an upcoming baby to clothe, and in recent weeks I've been hooking and knitting up a storm. One of my first finished projects for the baby is the Li'l Monkey Afghan from The Happy Hooker. I've made the matching hat as well, and will wait to complete the hat's trim (straight across or scalloped edge) till we find out if we're having a boy or a girl.

Also completed for baby so far: 2 sweaters and another hat.
In the works currently: A baby bunting.

I'm also hoping to work on some things for sale this winter, but I must admit, knitting for baby has been fairly consuming. Regardless, my new love of crochet has been fueling me with a few ideas. I'm thinking that in addition to felted hats, I may develop some non-felted crocheted hats (both adult and children's sizes). These would be faster to make. We'll see if I'm motivated enough to move beyond the quintessential baby booties as my belly grows over the next several months.