Sunday, February 12, 2006

Finished Fair-Isle

As promised, here is the finished product, completed after a few weeks of work. The color is slightly washed out, but you get the gist. Overall, I am very happy with the results. The biggest challenge with fair-isle is to keep the tension of both yarns you are carrying even throughout the row. This went pretty well, though the result is less-than-perfect. The only thing that drove me a bit crazy was the finishing work. Once I complete knitting a sweater, I am most impatient to have it all seamed together and completed. I really don't want to be bothered with sewing and blocking. But, alas, these things are unavoidable, and the color pattern dictated that there would be many ends to weave in. In a few places colors peaked though due to hasty weaving, and had to be pulled through to the back of the work. It was a pain, and well, I've learned my lesson. Once all ends were weaved in (properly), I heavily steam-blocked the areas that needed it, such as the sleeves, and the bottom and top, which curled up regardless of the garter-stitch boarder. And, ta-da! Fairly Easy Fair-Isle is finished!

Next, I've got several hat orders and most of my hats have already sold, so I best get crackin' and turn out a few more.

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Skullen said...


The things you do with knitting totally amaze me. You make me, a totally masculine guy, want to try it myself.